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On 18, Aug 2015 | In | By Admin

Steve Mingola

With Steve’s arsenal of characters, voices and topics, he often cracks himself up during his show. Growing up in New York and then moving to Texas, being only half Italian, younger sisters, dogs, belt dads and smoking are only some of the topics covered. His act has universal appeal because everybody can relate to something. “People need to laugh at themselves more, I just remind them how”. In this day and age of political correctness, there seems to be a lot of negativity going around and many comics choose to be cynical about it. Not Steve, he still views life with a child-like consciousness. His mantra is in the immortal words of Jonathan Winters, “…never let that child inside of you die.”

Artist Website

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  • Steve stays busy touring forty plus weeks a year all over the U.S. He’s done numerous television commercials, syndicated radio shows, corporate events, charities, military installations in Europe, comedy clubs and civic auditoriums. He has also appeared on TNN, Comedy Central, Liars and Legends and Showtime. “I don’t like to mention it, but I was also a losing contestant on both ‘The Dating Game’ and ‘Love Connection’.

    His list of corporate clientele includes:

    American Heart Association, Budweiser, MWR Naval bases in Europe, John Boy & Billy Comedy Classic, West Georgia Board of Realtors, The Weather Channel, PFG Foods, DF&R Golf Classic, Georgia Pacific, Lockheed-Martin, Greenville, SC Sheriff Dept., Youth Harbor Chuckles for Children, Laughs for the Cure, Thompson Caterpillar, Whitaker Banking Corp., Truckers Magazine, Chrystal River Chevrolet, Habitat for Humanity, Atlanta Claims Association and many more.