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Jason Petty presents “The Swingin’ Cowboys”

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On 12, Aug 2015 | In | By Admin

Jason Petty presents “The Swingin’ Cowboys”

OBIE award winner Jason Petty’s latest production, The Swingin’ Cowboys, is a tribute to the music of the Great American West. This trip down memory lane features songs from Stephen Foster, The Singing Cowboys, and selections from the greatest western swing music ever recorded. An authentic western set along with some of the best musicians in the USA makes for an unforgettable night as Jason narrates the legacy of one of the most influential movements in American music history.

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  • “The Singing Cowboy Craze”: In an effort to soothe their herds, early cowboys would sing and hum improvised melodies on the trails. These melodies would evolve and become staples in saloons and eventually be recorded by the first stars of the silver screen such as Gene Autry and Roy Rogers.
    As the “singing cowboy craze” grew, another American original began: Western Swing. Originating in the late 1920s, western swing music attracted huge crowds to dance halls in the southwest. Band leaders such as Bob Wills and Spade Cooley turned western swing into “America’s dance music” by the 1930’s and 40’s with such hits as ‘San Antonio Rose’ and ‘Shame, Shame On You’, among many others.

    Join Jason Petty along with 2011 Texas Western Swing Hall of Fame inductee Carolyn Martin for a fabulous night of western-themed music, stories, and humor for the entire family. If you’ve ever seen any of Jason’s previous productions (Hank & My Honky Tonk Heroes, Country Royalty) you know you will not be disappointed. There will be plenty of chances to sing along with Jason and the whole gang as they take you back in time to the Great American West in The Swingin’ Cowboys.

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